"Yoshie's Gunyae" App introduction page

Applicaiton to have fun with your own drawing by squeezing, squashing and bouncing it.

Android app on Google Play



Android Application "Yoshie's Gunyae" Released!


iOS Application "Yoshie's Gunyae" Released!

How to play

Draw a picture and squeeze it, squash it and bounce it.

And more playful functions!

- Available to change level of hardness and heaviness

Try different level of "soft" and "hard" movement of the picture.
You can also try various level of heaviness. Give a tilt and roll the picture lightly/heavily.

- Available to save picture

You can save your picture on this app and twiddle with it whenever you want.

- Available to import picture

You can import picture from your iPhone,iPod,iPad and even from camera.
Enjoy squeezing faces taken by your own camera.


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